Friday, 3 May 2019

It is not the end. It is just the beginning.

Thankyou for all your support during the campaign and for your votes. On a day where the Lib-Dems (and their partner Green candidate) were way ahead of all the other parties, we came within 14 votes of returning an Independent in Caldecott.

This is not a time to stop as so many issues has been raised that need addressing. So I will be keeping this website open and trying to campaign on some of these issues.
If others are interested in continuing in such a community action / pressure group, please let me know and I could schedule meetings.

Here are just some of the issues raised while campaigning:

* Need for dropped kerbs in town near the top of East St Helen Street - person was to show me exact location
* Need for places and activities for people with learning difficulties - meeting with person in a few days to find out more even though not elected.
* Parking and pot holes on Wilsham Road makes it dangerous for cycles.
* Chicane cycle passage on Preston Road dangerous for cycles
* Need for school crossing on Preston Road
* Speeding cars down Preston Road
* Cars going on verges on Caldecott Road to drop or pick up children from school. The existing wooden fence is decaying.
* Elderly people need the 41 bus and don't want to loose it.
* More sound proofing needed somewhere ( I have the details)
* Some suggested rubbish bin locations + signs to make sure they are noticed
* Some suggested places where dog mess enforcement is needed
* Pavement cracking (I have details)
* Outside 74 Saxton Road bushes are overgrown - raised on fix my street
* Why not put skips down Saxton Road so people without transport can clear gardens
* Road needs a makeover (I have details)
* Upset old Abbey House might be used social housing rather than benefiting the community
* Railings on wharf need repainting black
* Need more trees in public places
* Town Council should declare its own climate emergency
* Town needs recharge points for electric vehicles
* State of roads bad
* Find way to open path from Morland Gardens more directly to town.

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