Saturday, 27 April 2019

Saxton Road Skip idea

While canvassing Saxton Road on Saturday one lady told me that some years ago skips were brought in and it allowed people to clear some of the bulky items cluttering gardens. She wondered whether it could be repeated. Helping people clear bulky items by finding a community solution..

I had canvassed 3/4 of Saxton Road when I met a group of Labour people who had just done that last bit so rather  than visit people who had just had a visit I visited John Morris Road and leafleted the final bit of Saxton Road.

There is another issue somebody raised but it has already been raised on fixmystreet. It is an overgrown hedge and the owner is not currently there. A suggestion has been made that the council get it cleared then charge the owner.

A bin is needed round the side of the Reynold's Way shops as that is where litter gets dropped or blown. There are three bins in front of the shops and one on the green. A bin is also needed round the side of the Tower Close shop where sweet wrappers get dropped on the way home from school. Maybe with a children's art sign about no litter

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