Saturday, 6 April 2019

Playgrounds and Green Spaces and sport

There has been little new  playground equipment in the Caldecott area over the last eight years. I would like to hear what young families would like in future.  Abingdon Town Council look after Caldecott Rec. and River Close play area, and the Vale of White Horse District Council looks after Southern Town Parks and Tower Close.

Caldecott is the base for a number of sports clubs and has a lot of green space, as well as access to the Ock and the Thames. I celebrate what it has to offer: Saxton Rovers and Abingdon Youth Football Club, Abingdon Rugby Club, Abingdon Rowing Club, Abingdon Sailing Club, Abingdon Tennis Club. There are indoor Marshall Arts groups and Keep Fit and Dance at the primary schools and Preston Road Community Centre. It is a great shame that the army and district council did so little to support the Kingfisher Canoe Club when it was forced out of the area. I will support them in their search for a new home.

Also I did try to establish a boxing club in the area, and am one of three trustees that look after funds raised for that purpose. We never reached the goal of the required £200K - having raised £23K. Those funds are still available and we will be looking again at what can be done to benefit young people in the area with sport's facilities.


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