Friday, 12 April 2019


I am trying to get round as many houses as I can to talk to people, but when it comes to sheltered housing and flats I am writing a letter instead to try to keep a personal touch.

People have been very kind so far and I have had some very good questions, like a lady who has always voted Conservative but would consider voting for me as an Independent as she knows me. She asked whether, when the council is divided on a vote down party lines, I would vote with Lib-Dems or Conservatives. I said I would vote as an independent and for the best interested of Caldecott and Abingdon as I saw it. I have committed to being non party political. I am in favour of keeping good community services but think we must  run things as efficiently as possible. Most of the town council money comes from council tax payers directly.

I spent some time explaining to one young man about the different councils and what they do. A lot of the leaflets delivered by the parties assume a lot of prior knowledge. I went through one Conservative Party leaflet with him explaining the different responsibilities of Town and District Council. The candidates were standing for both so had blurred the responsibilities. I said in an ideal world there would be enough candidates so people would stand for one council and not both. Also that the three levels of council: County, District and Town was very confusing and need to be simplified for the sake of electors. A lot of people complain about the town council when it is the district or county responsible.

On Caldecott Road the wood barriers on the grass are starting to fall to pieces. People driving to school to pick up children often park on the grass and those barriers were put there as a safety measure so people did not drive where children could be walking. It is still a mess after school time and the other verges get churned up.

The traffic parked on Wilsham Road is a danger to cyclists, as are pot holes, and going through the chicanes on Preston Road.

There are some people don't like canvassers. I tend to avoid knocking on the door if there is a notice. Some areas are very positive. Others less so. The Parties probably have a record of where they get a very negative response and can avoid that property but as I have no such records I just have to see what happens. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

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