Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Junk Neutral Campaign

Now the hedge is cut back, we returned to litter picking Reynold's Way yesterday.  Somebody teased me later ... "I saw you doing your Community Service earlier Alastair."

I will be delivering two leaflets during the campaign. There are 3,500 properties in Caldecott so that makes 7,000 recycled A4 sheets. I am doing litter picking, as a penance, to ensure the campaign is junk neutral. So far I have done two picks near Reynolds Way, one at Preston Road and one by Caldecott Road. On Caldecott Road, the mowers had made it worse by shredding and not clearing the rubbish. That creates more litter to pick up and takes longer. People have already raised that as a local issue. The state of the electricity cabinet in this picture could also be raised with whoever owns it. I can see no owner's tag but there is a high voltage warning. So I raised it on fix my street to see if that finds the owner.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Litter and Local Environment

I will find ways if elected to improve the local  environment.

I help in litter picks in Abingdon and Caldecott but think removing litter traps and adding more bins will help more.

Dog mess left on pavements is a problem in places and I would find ways to tackle that.

I love the murals on the Reynold’s Way wall, and would like more art work in the area. I will explore people’s ideas for brightening up the area and tackling issues.